End User



  • User Interface
    Enjoy the same look and feel on any device
  • Annotation
    Annotate documents on a tablet or PC
  • Security
    Encryption, multi-level authentication, tokens and total information containment
  • Emailing
    Emails for directors, administrators and support groups
  • Meetings
    Schedule Board/Committee meetings or calls
  • Evaluations
    Board, committee, CEO and so much more from the same platform
  • Remote Purge
    Delete all data in case of loss or theft
  • Personalization
    Logo and images, industry, economic and governance information
  • Document Management
    Files, folders, permissions and security provide flexibility
  • Offline Access
    Board Books, documents, polls, emails and more
  • Deployment
    Securely host with us or on your own server
  • Notifications
    Reminders, notices and custom updates
  • Collaborate
    Share, research, call, video, email and chat
  • eSignatures
    Add your signature to documents and polls
  • Calling/Meetings
    Users initiate a meeting with the click of a button
  • BoardPortal PLUS® Support
    Personal and world-class, contact us 24/7

  • Vision and Mission

BoardPortal PLUS® is

Everywhere use a browser, PC, Android, Microsoft Surface, Windows 10 App or iOS tablet

Everything the integration of five unique applications including evaluations, communication and learning

Easy enjoy the same look and feel, features and functionality

BoardPortal PLUS®   BoardPortal PLUS® Connect
The Board Service Providers Board & Leadership

An easy-to-use, comprehensive portal for boards with signatures, email, board books, governance assessments, communication and learning resources. Security and functionality on multiple platforms.

Invest your resources in other vital areas of your business so that you can increase capacity, spending less time organizing, storing documents and minimizing redundancy on team projects.

Boards and leadership teams utilize cutting-edge technology in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration, from anywhere, in a secure, platform agnostic, user-friendly environment.

Engineered by Leadership, Powered by SCIENCE


T3 Connect

Leave your old calling accounts behind and offer your directors a way to stand out from the crowd!

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Document Management

Board Chamber
Board Books, Calendar

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A specialized aspect of our board governance service includes our tailored programs for executives, CEOs and directors...

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Leadership Development

LinXsus®: A specialized aspect of our board governance service includes our tailored programs for executives, CEOs and directors...

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Customized Research /News

Designed to help directors get ready for board meetings, the Concierge is full of impactful and specialized information.

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