End User



  • User Interface
    Enjoy the same look and feel on any device
  • Annotation
    Annotate documents on a tablet or PC
  • Security
    Encryption, multi-level authentication, tokens and total information containment
  • Emailing
    Emails for directors, administrators and support groups
  • Meetings
    Schedule Board/Committee meetings or calls
  • Evaluations
    Board, committee, CEO and so much more from the same platform
  • Remote Purge
    Delete all data in case of loss or theft
  • Personalization
    Logo and images, industry, economic and governance information
  • Document Management
    Files, folders, permissions and security provide flexibility
  • Offline Access
    Board Books, documents, polls, emails and more
  • Deployment
    Securely host with us or on your own server
  • Notifications
    Reminders, notices and custom updates
  • Collaborate
    Share, research, call, video, email and chat
  • eSignatures
    Add your signature to documents and polls
  • Calling/Meetings
    Users initiate a meeting with the click of a button
  • BoardPortal PLUS® Support
    Personal and world-class, contact us 24/7

  • Vision and Mission


BoardPortal PLUS® Overview

There are five main reasons to use BoardPortal PLUS® and this video discusses the significant competitive advantages of using it for your board and organization. Are you taking advantage of the technology that can save you time and money? Learn about how our easy-to-use, comprehensive portal is far superior to our competitors.


XPress Overview

This video highlights the comprehensive uses of the XPress communication tool. Integrated into BoardPortal PLUS® and BoardPortal PLUS® Connect, XPress is a critical video, voice and chat resource with features that make secure sharing and collaboration very convenient. Learn how to schedule meetings, start meetings, create personalized binders and share information from your Portfolio. Click on the image for a sneak peak of this must see video about XPress. (If you would like to see the full version, login to BoardPortal PLUS® and go to the BoardPortal PLUS® Support section).


BoardPortal PLUS® App Installation

Learn how to easily download the BoardPortal PLUS®, BoardPortal PLUS® Connect and XPress apps. Available for the Surface, Windows 10.x, Android and iOS platforms, our apps provide you tremendous flexibility when reviewing Board Books, important documents, polls and files added by your Administrators and when communicating with your team via email, poll or meetings. Having a meeting on XPress, no problem. Completing an evaluation, easy. With the same look and feel, anything you can do on the desktop you can do with our apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does BoardPortal PLUSĀ® Benefit?

BoardPortal PLUS® enhances the effectiveness of directors, executives and administrators. Especially helpful for the Corporate Secretary and General Counsel, the easy to use and flexible system means that Board Books, important files, emails, polls and communication help alleviate the difficulty of sharing information. BoardPortal PLUS® with a similar look and feel on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices, means that directors can access information, and Administrators can share information quickly and easily, without having to worry about securities. Getting signatures, voting, sharing as well as develop information are all reasons that boards and organizations use this tool to increase efficiency.

How does BoardPortal PLUS® help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings?

Not only does BoardPortal PLUS® help directors and executives prepare for meetings by providing easy access to Board Books, documents, meeting notices, dial in information and more, this comprehensive portal increases efficiency, learning and sharing during and after meetings as well. Phone, video and voice tools, as well as robust evaluation and research information specifically built for each board makes BoardPortal PLUS® a destination all year long.

What about discoverability?

BoardPortal PLUS® allows the board to determine how their data is retained. We recommend that our clients follow their current retention policies and provide the functionality for designated Administrators to delete all data very easily. Once deleted by the board, the information is not recoverable.

Will all last-minute changes be accessible?

Board Books are automatically synced when a user logs in to BoardPortal PLUS®. New information added to the Board Resource Center, new emails and polls are also synced so that the user always has the most up-to-date information at all times. Notifications in the form of emails and flags are used throughout the portal to make sure that the right information is easily accessible.

What if I do not have an internet connection?

BoardPortal PLUS® users can review and annotate documents even while offline. Automatic syncing makes having the most up-to-date information simple and doesn't require users to do anything but login. Reviewing Board Books, annotating, polling and emailing

What are the deployment choices?

BoardPortal PLUS® allows organizations to determine whether to host in our secure data senters around the world, or to host on your own servers. Whether using BoardPortal PLUS® servers or your own, the same critical functionality is available on either platform.

Is BoardPortal PLUS® secure?

BoardPortal PLUS® was designed by directors for directors and as such, security was a priority when designing the features and functionality that is available to users as well as how information is stored, user access rights, printing, saving and more. BoardPortal PLUS® meets the highest of security standards, with servers in two different, protected and diverse locations. BoardPortal PLUS® has integrated maximum encryption, multi-factor authentication and is regularly audited by an independent third party.

Is BoardPortal PLUS® mobile?

BoardPortal PLUS® is perfect for anyone on the go! The portal is platform agnostic so it can be accessed on a PC, iOS or Android tablet, or a phone. No data connection, no problem. You can access BoardPortal PLUS® features without an internet connection. Peruse Board Books, review documentation, draft emails and make annotations while you are traveling or without a connection.

Will I be able to customize BoardPortal PLUS®?

Yes! Your logo and an image of your choosing will be readily viewable within the Board Chamber. Moreover, all communication, reminders and notification from the board are sent with the director's name and information is customized.

How do I control document access?

The thorough administration/permissions provide the ultimate flexibility to the board in determining who has access to critical board information. BoardPortal PLUS® Administrators determine who receives information, whether or not printing is available and will organize documents and password protect documents as desired. Committee, Community Group and guest access is managed by the board.

How do I get started?

Your board can be up-and-running on BoardPortal PLUS® in a matter of hours. Our experienced team will be instrumental in facilitating and executing a comprehensive setup, training and launch process. Group and individual training for the directors, executives and Administrators can be done in groups, or individually. Also, we offer world-class support and are available 24/7 via our support email (support@boardportalplus.com) and our call line 1.855.660.1200.