End User



  • User Interface
    Enjoy the same look and feel on any device
  • Annotation
    Annotate documents on a tablet or PC
  • Security
    Encryption, multi-level authentication, tokens and total information containment
  • Emailing
    Emails for directors, administrators and support groups
  • Meetings
    Schedule Board/Committee meetings or calls
  • Evaluations
    Board, committee, CEO and so much more from the same platform
  • Remote Purge
    Delete all data in case of loss or theft
  • Personalization
    Logo and images, industry, economic and governance information
  • Document Management
    Files, folders, permissions and security provide flexibility
  • Offline Access
    Board Books, documents, polls, emails and more
  • Deployment
    Securely host with us or on your own server
  • Notifications
    Reminders, notices and custom updates
  • Collaborate
    Share, research, call, video, email and chat
  • eSignatures
    Add your signature to documents and polls
  • Calling/Meetings
    Users initiate a meeting with the click of a button
  • BoardPortal PLUS® Support
    Personal and world-class, contact us 24/7

  • Vision and Mission



We offer two comprehensive products to our clients. BoardPortal PLUS® Connect is for those who wish to include their broader leadership team into the board portal community. Likewise, we continue our focus on clients who prefer a board-centric solution such as BoardPortal PLUS®. In either case, the products featured below are available for use by your team.


Communication and document sharing and review are critical for today’s boards. We have incorporated a new and exciting technology into BoardPortal PLUS® called XPress in order to enhance the communication process with an easy one-click approach to board and committee meetings. Imagine voice and video sharing capabilities anywhere you are, for free. From a phone, tablet or your PC, the days of complicated and limited board communication are gone.

  • Maintain privilege by sharing secure documents directly from the Board Chamber
  • Provide login information with consultants, attorneys and others to join meetings
  • Use screen share, messaging, video and voice capabilities at no additional cost
  • Have up to 50 simultaneous meetings
  • Start meetings with the click of a button


Personalized industry, company and financial information are provided to each client via the Concierge. Designed to help directors get ready for board meetings, the Concierge is full of impactful and specialized governance and leadership information.

  • The economic, company, industry and financial information is tailored to your board
  • The governance and leadership information is from a comprehensive group of recognized sources
  • Consistently updated, you and your directors will regularly find new and relevant information


The Board Chamber application allows individual users to share information and documents with a particular board. A user may have access to multiple boards. A customizable welcome screen is the first page displayed after a user logs in and each user has access to each of the areas within the Board Chamber. With security a primary focus, our Board Chamber was designed to provide boards, administrators and senior leaders and easy yet effective vehicle for communicating, sharing and learning. With all the features you expect from a portal, plus many more that make your experience an enjoyable one, we offer so much more than our competitors.

  • Easily notify directors of a newly available Board Book and access it offline (with no internet connection) via the Portfolio
  • Organize your files, and access to them, within the Board Resource Center
  • Attach a document to a poll in order to conduct official business and get responses from the board and senior leadership team
  • Quickly purge information from user devices in the event that they are lost or stolen


Whether your board assessments are required or voluntary, utilize comprehensive, secure, cost-effective and efficient performance evaluation resources. Our Enlightened Corporate Governance® evaluations are innovative, providing a thoughtful yet simple assessment process. Complete anonymity, efficiency and effectiveness, are fundamental to the process.

  • Select from over 30 board, committee, personal, management and consultant evaluations
  • Each evaluation has its own set of questions, values, benchmarking and industry data in order to improve board/organizational effectiveness
  • Three unique reports are automatically provided to you upon completion of the evaluations, highlighting participant responses, high and low scores, deviation and so much more
  • All notifications including welcome, progress and completion notices are automated via our thorough system
  • A completely anonymous and secure process, comments, data and relative measures make meeting requirements and enhancing your corporate governance practices simple and effective